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How to Choose the Right Shower for Your Bathroom

Around 286,000 new homes are built in Canada each year. When building a new home, one of the key things to think about is the bathroom.

If you want to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience every time you take a shower, you should think carefully about the shower design that you choose. Putting in the effort to find a luxury shower for your bathroom can be well worth it.

Here are some of the top things to look for when choosing a shower for your bathroom.

Consider Built-in Seating and Ledges

To create a more refined showering experience in your home, consider choosing a shower with built-in seating. A built-in seat can give your shower some additional functionality and can be especially useful for homeowners who are getting on in years. Assistive devices and shower seating can be especially helpful for seniors.

You might also want to add a ledge for personal hygiene products. Ledges can be very useful for keeping soap shampoo and other essentials within easy reach.

Add Shower Heads

Many homeowners add more functionality to their showers these days with the use of additional shower heads. You could choose to make your shower into a vertical spa.

A vertical spa consists of a wall shower head along with body jets and a handheld shower head. It may also include a second overhead rainfall shower head and other shower head options as well.

Converting a walk-in shower to a vertical spa will take some additional equipment and shower heads. There will also need to be a quality installation to ensure it's done right. However, converting your shower to a vertical spa can be a great option that will make your home feel more luxurious than ever.

Prioritize Glass Showers

These days, glass showers are a popular bathroom trend. Walk-in glass showers are a great choice for luxurious homes these days and feature a minimalist look that many homeowners love.

Glass shower options help a space feel larger than a typical shower curtain or wall partition will. To do these showers right, however, hire a true professional to complete the installation.

Choose Luxury Tile Materials

For a great bathroom design, other luxury shower wall materials are worth considering as well. Adding custom tiles with high-end looks can help your shower and your bathroom look stunning. Luxury materials can help your shower to stand out in a great way.

From solid surfaces and acrylic to fibreglass and Vikrell, there are many options available for shower stalls. Consider using higher-quality materials if you want to boost the look of your shower and will help add to your bathroom's luxurious feel.

Building a Luxury Shower

If you want to add a luxury shower to your home, there are many great features to choose from. Consider adding built-in seating, a vertical spa, or luxurious materials if you want to make the most of your shower installation.

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