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Toilet Seats

Variety of Toilet Seats in Hamilton

Remodelling your home is enjoyable since it allows you to create a new space, search for new styles, and then relax in your new surroundings. The toilet, particularly the toilet seat, should be considered as part of the remodelling process. Laufen/Incepa toilet seats are available at Plumbing Centre in Hamilton, and our stock is ready to ship anywhere in Canada and the United States. The white version costs $99.00 and the biscuit type costs $120.00. Please visit our online store to place your order.

The hinges are 5¾” apart
Length: 17”
Lid width: 14”
Seat width: 12”
Incepa Toilet Seat

We Ship Products Across Canada and the U.S

Reach out to us for any query regarding shipping and delivery of your Incepa/Laufen toilet seats.

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