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Shower Upgrade Event by Zitta!

Bellini & Piazza shower door and base kits on sale now! Black Piazza model shown. Corner, alcove and shower door options available. We have black and chrome options in various sizes. Save over 40% on your next bathroom renovation!


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A Vast Collection of Shower Doors Sliding and Rain Head Shower Heads in Hamilton

When choosing the shower doors sliding in your new bathroom, don’t settle! Transport yourself into a relaxing and cleansing oasis with a shower suited for people of all ages. Your family deserves the best, and that’s what Plumbing Centre offers! We carry various bathroom products, ranging from shower stalls to rain head shower heads in Hamilton. With a vast selection of enclosures, doors, and faucets, you can create a unique sanitary sanctuary that reflects your style and lifestyle and fits your space perfectly.


From traditional, spacious stall-type enclosures and doors to space-saving corner showers, Plumbing Centre can help you make the most of your new bathroom. Choose from a wide array of options from brands we know and trust!

Choose the Best Shower Stall for Your Bathroom

Searching for the best shower stall for your bathroom in Hamilton? Consider the following factors to make an informed choice.

  • Size: Most showers have a wall height of 96 inches, but shorter options are also available. Measure your space to choose the one that best fits your bathroom.

  • Key features: The threshold and door are two main features of a shower stall. You can choose from low, high, or no threshold. Similarly, door type and position can also be decided as per your specific needs. For instance, if you want your bathroom to appear more spacious, you can go for curved doors. Alternatively, a hinged door is suitable for already large bathrooms.

  • Components: Some shower kits only include a shower base and door, while others come with walls and a bathtub. You can buy the kit that has the components you require.

  • Design: There are multiple shower stall designs to choose from. People with smaller bathrooms can choose corner showers; people with a recessed area can opt for alcove showers; and people that do not want to deal with mould and water leakage issues can go for one-piece showers.

  • Material: From solid surfaces and acrylic to fibreglass and Vikrell, various options are available for the material of shower stalls.

  • Colour and shape: Based on your bathroom’s design and your personal preference and aesthetics, you can choose from various shapes (corner, rectangular, square, and curved), patterns, and colours of shower stalls.

Apart from the above, shower seats, heads, faucets, shelves, and ways of installation are also important aspects you must keep in mind while shopping for shower stalls. For more information, please feel free to read our blog.

A Variety of Shower Heads to Choose From

You can choose from different types of shower heads available in the market, including:

  • Adjustable shower heads: Also referred to as detachable shower heads, these are handheld units that offer flexibility in spraying water on parts that are otherwise hard to reach. They can be combined with standard shower heads for dual performance.

  • Rain head shower heads: As the name suggests, our rain head shower heads in Hamilton rain down water on you to make your usual shower a spa-like experience. These stylish shower heads come in wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted options and can be combined with handheld units for a more relaxing and luxurious shower.

You can also choose from black, gold, and LED shower heads or explore high-pressure, low-flow, massage, and filtered shower heads as per your preference.

Choosing the Ideal Sliding Shower Doors for Your Hamilton Bathroom

Selecting the right sliding shower doors for your bathroom in Hamilton is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. These doors not only contribute to the overall style of your bathroom but also play a significant role in ensuring convenience and ease of use. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision when shopping for sliding shower doors:

Consider the Available Space

Measure your bathroom space accurately before selecting sliding shower doors. Take into account the available wall space, the layout of fixtures, and the size of the shower enclosure. Sliding doors are ideal for smaller bathrooms or where space-saving features are necessary as they don't require clearance for door swings.

Types of Sliding Shower Doors

There are various types of sliding shower doors available in the market. These include bypass doors, which consist of two panels sliding past each other, and frameless sliding doors that offer a sleek, modern look. Consider the functionality and aesthetics you desire when choosing between different door styles.

Material and Durability

Sliding shower doors are commonly made from tempered glass, offering durability and safety. Consider the thickness of the glass, typically ranging from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch, ensuring both sturdiness and a clear view of your shower enclosure. Additionally, explore options for glass coatings that resist water stains and make maintenance easier.

Frame and Hardware

The frame and hardware of sliding shower doors contribute to both their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Choose finishes that complement your bathroom decor, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black. Additionally, consider the quality of rollers and tracks, ensuring smooth and effortless door movement.

Installation and Maintenance

Professional installation is recommended for sliding shower doors to ensure proper alignment and functionality. Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance when choosing door styles and finishes. Opt for doors with minimal crevices and easily accessible areas to simplify cleaning routines.

Budget and Personal Preferences

Set a budget for your shower door sliding purchase and installation in Hamilton. Prices can vary based on the type, material, size, and additional features. Consider your preferences regarding design, privacy options, and any special features you may desire.

Enhancing Bathroom Aesthetics with Sliding Shower Doors in Hamilton

Shower doors sliding are not just functional elements; they significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom space in Hamilton. Here are ways in which choosing the right sliding shower doors can enhance the overall aesthetics of your Hamilton bathroom:

Modern and Sleek Design

Frameless sliding shower doors offer a modern and sleek look, imparting a contemporary touch to your bathroom. Their minimalist design creates an illusion of more space, making smaller bathrooms appear larger and more open.

Amplifying Natural Light

The transparency of glass sliding doors allows natural light to filter through, brightening up the shower area and creating a visually inviting space. This contributes to an airy and open ambiance, enhancing the overall appeal of your bathroom.

Customization and Style Integration

Sliding shower doors come in various designs, sizes, and finishes, providing an opportunity to match your bathroom decor seamlessly. Whether you prefer a minimalist, industrial, or luxurious aesthetic, there are sliding door options to complement your style preferences.

Elevated Visual Appeal

The elegance of properly installed sliding shower doors elevates the overall visual appeal of your bathroom. When chosen thoughtfully to match other bathroom fixtures and decor elements, they can become a focal point that enhances the entire space.

Choosing sliding shower doors goes beyond mere functionality; it's about optimizing space, elevating aesthetics, and enhancing your overall bathing experience. By considering factors such as space availability, materials, design, and integration with your bathroom style, you can select shower doors sliding from Plumbing Centre that not only fit but also beautifully transform your Hamilton bathroom. Contact us today to know more about our shower doors sliding.

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