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High-efficiency Toilets in Hamilton

Need to install a new toilet at your home in Hamilton? Are you looking for toilets for your commercial space? For quality toilets and fixtures in Hamilton, you can contact the team at Plumbing Centre. We offer one-piece and two-piece toilets to both residential and commercial customers. The toilets that we offer are more energy-efficient and can also help you conserve water by using the speed of water instead of using more volume of water. Depending on the water-efficiency, toilets will fit into one of three categories: single-flush, dual-flush toilets and pressure-assist toilets. Single-flush toilets use 1.6 gallons of water for every flush and are installed in most new home construction and bathroom remodelling. 

With years of experience in this line of business, we aim to offer quality bathroom fittings and toilets to our clients. If you are looking to harmonize the look of your bathroom, you can rely on us. You can choose from a range of toilet and other bathroom accessories that introduce an overture of elegance to your bathroom. Discover the latest styles that we have to offer at our showroom in Hamilton. Give us a call today and discuss your requirements. We’ll help you create the dream bathroom that you have always wanted.

Conserve Water

Install more energy efficient toilets in your bathrooms.

Incepa and Laufen Toilet Seats

 We offer Incepa and Laufen toilet seats to our residential and commercial customers.

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