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Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Heads and Taps

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Shower Heads and Taps

Taking a shower could be the most relaxing time of your day. It is a chance to get clean and a chance to unwind. More than 70% of Canadians take showers that are longer than five minutes. If you are someone that spends a lot of time in the shower, you are going to want a decent showerhead to make it a more relaxing experience. What are the best shower heads? These are five tips that you can use to choose a showerhead.

1. Consider the Cost

The first thing that you should do is consider the cost. Do you have the money to afford a new shower head? If so, is it a priority for you over other things? Do some research on how much these shower heads cost. Then, shop around and determine which one is the best value for you.

2. Consider Your Height

Another thing that you should think about is how tall you and your loved ones are. The reason for that is depending on your height, a certain showerhead could be better for you. For example, a handheld shower head could be good for households with people that vary in height or for those that are shorter. The average Canadian male is 178 centimetres tall, while the average Canadian woman is around 164 centimetres tall. Think about your times in the shower and try to remember if you have had an awkward time adjusting the shower head. If you have, then you may need a change.

3. Other People in the House

Are you the only person living in your house? If so, you are in luck because then you just have to worry about your own needs. You are not alone in this category, as 15% of Canadian adults now live alone. However, if other people live with you, you need to consider their needs for the shower as well. Some people may not have the accessibility to take the same types of showers.

4. Accessibility

Think about the accessibility needs of your household. Do you or a loved one have any physical limitations? If so, then you need to factor this in for your showerhead needs. In that situation, you may want to get a rain shower head to make it easier for you.

5. Time Invested

Finally, think about how much time you want to invest in this. If you want minimal hassle for this, you may want to go with a standard shower head.

Find the Best Shower Heads

These are five tips you can use when you are trying to pick out the best shower heads. Think about how much money you are willing to spend and how much time you are willing to invest. Then, consider your own height, any accessibility issues, plus the needs of other members of your household. Do you need a showerhead? Click here to see the selection offered by the Plumbing Centre.


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