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Top 5 Advantages of Rain Shower Heads

A man is taking a shower under a rain shower head.

Many Canadians prefer baths over showers. Why is that? Is it because baths are so soothing, while showers seem necessary? What if you could make your shower even more relaxing? Rain shower heads might be suitable for you. You can turn your basic shower into a spa-like environment. We're here to discuss why you might want to add a rain shower head to your bathroom. Read on to learn more.

1. Easy Installation One of the best things about rain shower head features is that they're so easy to install. A rain shower head is a perfect choice if you've been looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom in a hurry but need more time or money for more in-depth bathroom upgrades. While they look impressive, they're no more difficult to install than other shower heads as long as you have sufficient room. 2. Smooth Water Flow Do you ever feel like your standard shower head doesn't provide you with a comfortable shower experience? The flow is either too harsh or too weak. The temperature is all over the place. A rain shower head doesn't have this problem. The water pressure should be consistent and smooth (as long as there are no plumbing problems in your home). You'll feel like you're standing in a gentle and warm rainstorm. Many people think the flow from a rain shower head will be too gentle, but that's not the case. You can modify it to make it perfect for your individual shower preferences. 3. Stylish Bathroom Feature Rain shower heads are incredibly modern and stylish. A rain shower head is the obvious choice if you're trying to modernize your bathroom. If you plan on creating a modern aesthetic throughout your bathroom, you definitely don't want to settle for a standard shower head. The sleek design of the rain shower head will make an impact. 4. Great for Large Showers Do you feel like you're not taking full advantage of your large shower? What's the point of having all of that space if you're huddled in one corner during your shower? A rain shower head is perfect for large showers. The water covers more ground so that you can have a "rain shower" experience. You can even sit down in your shower and enjoy it that way. They also make great focal points due to their size if you want to show them off. 5. A Spa-Like Experience You deserve a spa day, and you can have one every day with a rain shower head. The shower sounds like a rainy day and feels like a gentle massage. You'll feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after your simple shower.


Rain Shower Heads Are Worth It

Your old showerhead is good enough, but don't you think you deserve something better? Rain shower heads are perfect for any homeowner who wants to upgrade their bathroom and shower in spa-like comfort. You deserve one!

At Plumbing Centre, we have everything you need to upgrade your bathroom and turn it into a personal oasis. Visit our showroom today.


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