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How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

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The average Canadian spends about $13,000 on bathroom renovations. These expenses include new floors, bathtubs, bathroom vanities, etc.  If this level of expense makes your wallet cry, don't worry. There are plenty of ways to do an effective bathroom redesign on a tighter budget. Read on to learn some tips for doing so. 

Use Lower Cost Alternatives to Expensive Materials  An attractive bathroom can be something other than an expensive one. There are plenty of lower-cost materials that can still look great. You may even find that you need help to tell the difference between fake materials and their real counterparts.  Vinyl flooring, for instance, can easily mimic a wide variety of flooring. It can perfectly resemble wood, tile, and more. Most guests to your bathroom will probably be unable to tell they're fake.  Update Your Fixtures Instead of Replacing Them Do your tub, sink, and other fixtures look old but still function properly? Then you should make these fixtures look new instead of buying new ones for your DIY home project.  For example, you can use porcelain repair products tofix nicks or gougeson the fixtures' surfaces. Also, you can add a new coat of paint or a liner to these surfaces to help the fixtures match the new decor.  Replace Only the Smaller Features of Your Bathroom You don't have to forgo replacing items in your bathroom entirely. There are many smaller features that you can change at a much lower cost.  These don't just have to be bathroom decorations such as picture frames. It can be affordable to replace features such as sink faucets and bathroom vanities.  Move Items in From Other Bathrooms  Sometimes a bathroom update can be as simple as switching features around. You may find one bathroom's sink and faucet may look better in another bathroom, for instance. You can also tailor your DIY bathroom remodel to match old bathroom decorations.  Track Your Expenses and Have a Budget Even if you target inexpensive bathroom features, your DIY bathroom remodels price can rise dramatically before you know it. To avoid things becoming too expensive, make sure that you set a budget for how much you can spend. It would be best if you also tracked what you spend as you go along.  Let Us Help With Your Bathroom Redesign  Remember that getting the bathroom of your dreams is possible even on a tight budget.  Hiring professionals to help you find the right products can save costs on your bathroom redesign. The Plumbing Centre experts can provide that service for you in Hamilton, Ontario. Book a free in-person consultation at our showroom, and we'll help start your project. 


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