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5 Best Accessories to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Five Best Bathroom Accessories for Bathroom Organization

A recent survey found that most people in Canada remodel their homes for personal enjoyment. Why not add bathroom accessories to that list? A bathroom organization strategy is the best way to tidy floors, counters, and walls.

Organize your bathroom using shelving, baskets, and labels. You don't have to spend much money on your bathroom organization strategy!

Here's more on the five best bathroom accessories for bathroom organization from Plumbing Centre.


1. Shelves

Shelves move things out of the way and off the counters. Use different types of bathroom shelves for your bathroom organization strategy to store items you may not use daily.

Items you can store on shelves include pictures, jars, and flower vases. Shelves are great for accent pieces. It also occupies bathroom wall space.

You can purchase different types of bathroom shelves, including wood, acrylic, and metal shelves. Shelves add space, which is one of the reasons why people remodel a bathroom.


2. Soap Dishes

Washing your hands can reduce the spread of Covid-19. Soap and water are far better than hand sanitizer. Why not make soap dishes a major feature of your bathroom? Add soap dishes to get the soap out of the way and to give it a spot as part of your bathroom organization.

Store extra soaps in baskets for bathrooms as a bonus.

3. Robe Hooks

Putting on a luxurious robe is a great way to step out of a shower or bath. Avoid using a bathroom storage space closet for your robe - use a hook instead! Install a hook to maximize bathroom wall space.

Hooks make a robe easily accessible. You'll always know where to find when leaving (or arriving) for a bath.


4. Toilet Brush Holders

It's no secret toilets are one of the dirtiest places in your home. A recent study found that those tiny 'particles' can spread quickly when you flush. Bacteria can make you sick!

Toilet brush holders go right near the toilet for easy access. Scrub with chemicals for a sparkling clean bathroom.


5. Towel Bars

Use towel bars for each family member that lives in your home. Everyone will have their own space for each towel.

Moreover, displaying bathroom towels adds colour to the bathroom. For example, use red towels to accent a white wall; if you have dark gray walls, you can use black or white towels.

Towel bars take up extra bathroom wall space, allowing each towel to dry correctly.

Store extra towels using baskets for bathrooms.


Five Best Bathroom Accessories for Bathroom Organization

The five best bathroom accessories for bathroom organization include shelves, soap dishes, robe hooks, toilet brush holders, and towel bars. Using these accessories gives your more wall and counter space. You instantly see a difference as it helps you declutter your bathroom.

In addition to using accessories for your bathroom, let us help you with things such as a new shower space or bathroom remodel. Our experts at Plumbing Centre will give you a professional bathroom design. Make your bathroom magazine perfect with the latest tile, fixtures, and flooring!


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