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When to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

Black Kitchen Faucet with water running

The kitchen is the focal point of your house. The kitchen is so important that renovations and upgrades return more than 100% of the investment cost. A kitchen’s purpose has evolved considerably in the past few decades. Before, kitchens were used solely for cooking and food storage. Now, kitchens are the center of entertainment. This means that all eyes are on your kitchen when hosting guests. One affordable and important upgrade is the kitchen faucet. Whether you have a leak or need an upgrade, it is time to replace your kitchen faucet. If you are ready to replace your kitchen faucets, Hamilton has some great options to choose from. Read on to learn when to replace your kitchen faucet.

Constant Leaks It is not uncommon for kitchen faucets to leak. Sometimes there is a slow drip coming from the spout or the sprayer. In other cases, water leaks from the faucet body and onto the kitchen counter. Some kitchen faucet leaks are easy to fix. All you need to do is replace a cartridge or some other internal component. However, there reaches a point where it is no longer economically sensible to repair it. The cost of multiple components quickly adds up. At this point, it is better to replace the faucet altogether. Visible Mineral Deposits After some time has passed, you will start to notice build-ups or stains on your kitchen faucet. Build-up may be visible around the base or if you look inside the spigot. There may be brown or black stains on internal components like gaskets and filters. Sometimes you will notice slime with a white or reddish tint. Evidence of mineral deposits is commonly referred to as hard water. Many people add a water softener to prevent this from occurring. If you see mineral deposits, however, it is too late, and the faucet requires replacement. Appearance Replacing the kitchen faucet is a great way to modernize your kitchen. It is also a significantly cheaper upgrade than replacing cabinets or appliances. It is hard to justify a major kitchen renovation without replacing the faucet. Imagine a sparkling new kitchen remodel with an old and out-of-place faucet? The kitchen faucet gets more attention than many household items. Your guests wash their hands in the sink. They watch you prepare food at the sink. Replacing it with a new kitchen faucet is certain to give your appearance a boost. Temperature Older faucets sometimes have issues regulating the water temperature. The water may come out only scolding hot or freezing cold. This is another sign that it is time to replace it. You could fix it, but it is not cost-efficient to continually replace internal components. The Best Replacement Kitchen Faucets Hamilton Has to Offer Do not get frustrated when the kitchen faucet starts to deteriorate. You may see material deposits or leak around the base, but this provides an opportunity for a fresh new look. If you want to buy the best replacement kitchen faucets Hamilton has to offer, visit the Plumbing Centre showroom today to make a change.


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