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Small Kitchen Inspiration: Best Faucets and Sinks

Best Faucets and Sinks

More than half of Canadians spend between 31 and 60 minutes preparing dinner, and 10% devote over an hour to this meal preparation. Add breakfast, lunch, and random tasks, to conclude that the kitchen sink gets used a lot. For this reason, you want to choose something both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Working with a small kitchen requires extra attention to detail when choosing your faucet and sink. Read on for small kitchen inspiration that will make your space feel like a little dream come true!

Bottom-mounted Sink

Small kitchens may not offer much counter space. If you love to cook, optimize what you have by opting for a bottom-mounted sink.

Top mounts sit over the countertop with a lip that comes out. Those couple of inches on either side may not seem like a lot until you want to bake or set your kitchen accessories out where you can easily use them.

Choosing the sink that mounts underneath offers a little extra room and a seamless finish. It also makes cleaning easier as it eliminates crevices where food can get stuck into.

Oval Single-basin Sink

Double basin sinks take up extra room with a middle divider. Rectangular shapes also utilize more of the countertop.

Opting for an oval single-basin sink resolves both issues. This shape also offers a more classic look when you decorate with antiques and even a little wallpaper!

If you rather remain modern in your decor, choose dark stone for the basin. This offers a chic appearance while sticking with a practical design.

Apron Sink

Working with a smaller kitchen means that you need to forgo a bigger sink. If you cook with large pots or use the sink for other chores, you need to think outside of the box.

Like a farmhouse sink, they offer deep basins that hold more than traditional sinks. It also pushes outward to give you a little more room to both wash and counter space. Minimalistic farm decor pairs nicely to create a charming kitchen!

Corner Mount Sink

Save extra space by asking Plumbing Centre to install a corner mount sink in your kitchen. This design allows for a double basin while making the most of otherwise dead space.

A corner mount works best With G, L, or U-shaped floorplans. It splits up the countertop, so you can use one side for the workspace and the other for storing stuff like knives, a blender, and your coffee pot.

Wall-mounted Faucet

Stay true to your farmhouse design with a wall-mounted faucet. With this design, the fixture comes straight from the back of your wall.

It offers an aesthetically clean look as all of the plumbing hides behind that back wall. Cleaning this type of fixture takes less effort as well.

Note that you do not want this faucet if you opt for an oval basin. That will cause a lot of splashing.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull-down faucets offer a modern kitchen remodel and make cleaning easier. They take up precious space in a small kitchen, though.

The pull-out faucet allows you to disconnect the fixture for spraying. It's a very practical option that can still look chic if you opt for a fancier look.

Choose mat black for contemporary decor or copper for a rustic kitchen renovation. Opt for a less traditional shape to spice up the appearance as well!

Get Creative with Small Kitchen Inspiration

Don't allow a small space to stress you out while remodelling. Instead, get creative with your small kitchen inspiration!

We want to help you make your dream kitchen feel practical. Contact the Plumbing Centre to get started!


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