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5 Best Kitchen Accessories That Will Make Your Cooking Easier

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Americans spend an average of 400 hours in the kitchen every year.

Many people consider the kitchen the most important room in a home. You spend plenty of time in there, and it's where you prepare all your meals. There are all kinds of cooking accessories on the market, and no one needs all of them, but some can be incredibly helpful.

In this guide, we'll go over 5 of the best kitchen accessories that will make cooking easier. Keep reading for more.


1. Kitchen Side Sprayers

Many kitchens have traditional faucets, and some have integrated spray heads that can pull out or down. Kitchen side sprayers are an additional faucet on the side that you can pull out for use when washing dishes.

They're incredibly versatile and work great aesthetically. One of the worst parts of cooking is the cleanup after, and having a side sprayer can make things significantly easier.


2. Disposal Flanges

A disposal flange connects your garbage disposal to your sink. It's circular with sloped sides so that water can easily flow into the garbage disposal. Having one of these keeps everything in place and ensures that your disposal works properly.

There are certain items that you don't want going into your garbage disposal. Many flanges have strainer traps that can catch things like rice, bones, pits, and eggshells. When designing a kitchen, function is incredibly important, and this is the type of thing that can make any kitchen more practical.


3. Drain Covers

Drain covers can go over the drain in a sink. Many people see them and think they act as a plug, stopping any water from flowing down the drain. In reality, they're more of an aesthetic product and one of the most simple kitchen accessories available.

A drain cover sits over the drain or garbage disposal to cover the hole. The purpose is to hide the drain itself, which can often get unsightly. You should get one that matches the finish of your sink for a seamless look.


4. Kitchen Sink Grids

A sink grid is an item made from cross-hatched rigid metal wire. You can place it in your sink as it sits about half an inch from the bottom.

This prevents anything from touching the base of your sink, so there's no risk of things like silverware or pots/pans causing any marks or damage. If you cook a lot, you'll constantly be washing such items, so using a grid will keep your sink protected and looking new for longer.


5. Rinse Baskets

Once you've washed everything up, you need to give it time to dry before putting it away. A rinse basket is perfect for this, and you want to make sure you get one that's right for your kitchen.

If you live alone, a small one may be fine. For a larger family, however, there are likely to regularly have more dishes. As such, you'll want to get one that's big enough.


The Importance of Finding the Right Kitchen Accessories

Regardless of your cooking skills, you want to do what you can to make your kitchen an ideal place for preparing meals. One of our biggest cooking tips is to make sure you get the right kitchen accessories so that you have everything you need. This will help you in your day-to-day life, and your kitchen will always be in a better state.

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